Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This week:

I went and saw The Who last night.
Tonight I was meant to be shooting Biffy Clyro but we didn't get a press pass :(
Friday night I'm shooting Blood Poets
Saturday night going to My Fiction
Sunday V - Fest. I am mainly excited about seeing Madness!! And of course watching The Villains at a festival will be awesome!

Tuesday next week I'm shooting M83 and The Do. Should be fun times.

Sparkadia, John Steel Singers, The Jezabels

Garage 2 V

A few photos from the Brisbane Garage 2 V heat:

The Villains of Wilhelm celebrating their win

Villains of Wilhelm
Villains of Wilhelm 
Villains of Wilhelm 

Drawn From BeesDrawn From Bees

The GallantThe Gallant

PJ Reh
PJ Reh