Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I finally have a film scanner.

I finally got myself a film scanner today so I thought I would put a few photos up. Most of these are from about two years ago. I'll be doing another similar entry after I've scanned some more.

Villains of Wilhelm at The Zoo sometime in '08

Promo stuff with Villains 08

For one of my assignments at college I had to do "urban landscapes" so I took photos of my friends outside their houses.

This is also part of "urban landscapes" people at work, this is Julian Morrow being interviewed by some of my friends for a radio show.
People "playing" was also part of "Urban Landscapes"

Still Life



Landscapes (the top one is a really blown out, but I still like it)



Friday, April 23, 2010

Bluejuice - HiFi

Bluejuice are a band that I've seen play a few times and every time I've been very sad that I hadn't had a camera with me, and once again someone beat me too it on the website I normally shoot for. Luckily one of my friends managed to hook me up with a pass. There was no three song rule for a change so I took far too many photos. It was a great show apart from having water thrown all over myself and my camera a few times. I missed the first support (the swamplords) but got there in time to take a few snaps of The Holidays. I've shot them a couple of times before when they did a tour with Yves Klein Blue. Anyway, it was a fun night.


The Holidays

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yves Klein Blue

Ykb played at The Old Museum last night supported by the always lovely Cloud Control and Last Dinosaurs. I had issues fighting my way to the front for this so I shot most from side of stage or the back of the room. It was a fun show all the bands were great. I'm not sure my ears are ever going to recover from all the screaming teenage girls though.

Yves Klein Blue

Cloud Control

Last Dinosaurs