Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Found Glory!

New Found Glory, Hit The Lights and Fireworks played at The HiFi last night. I was really very excited leading up to this show. I don't know the support acts really but New Found Glory were one of my favourite bands as a teenager, I'm pretty sure this was the fifth time I've seen them play. They were the first band I saw without parental supervision (when they played with Sum 41 at Festival Hall back in '03) they were also the first band I ever met (I got my turquoise chucks signed by them after a show at The Tiv years ago and it was pretty much the best thing ever at the time) So anyway while I don't really listen to them anymore it was really awesome to finally get to photograph them, and they were fantastic as usual. I'm a bit bruised and battered today after being just about knocked over by a crowd surfer and then another 2 landing on me after that... but it was worth it. I'm once again not really very happy with the photos though :(


Hit The Lights

New Found Glory

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