Friday, August 13, 2010


I was really excited about shooting Eels last night. Sadly it was not a great show to photograph. The night started with a very quirky ventriloquist he was actually really good but I guess not what the crowd was expecting. Next was Laura Imbruglia, she was good I guess but nothing very exciting. I had a feeling Eels were not going to be great to photograph when I noticed all of the signs around the venue asking the general public not to take photos and unfortunately that was definitely the case. E Walked out wearing a bandana and sunglasses and played the first three songs pretty much by himself under one or two blue lights that didn't change for the duration. As soon as three songs were up and the photographers were out it was pretty lights and full band. Oh well. I'm really not very happy with the photos. Lucky it was such a great show. I wasn't feeling too well so told myself I wouldn't stay for the whole thing but it sucked me in and I didn't end up leaving till it was over.


Laura Imbruglia


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  1. I saw that! I never expected to see puppets there! I thought it was hilarious